cover_2-_Dali-903x1024 SIMPLY CHARLY BOOK COVERS cover_2-_Dali-903x1024 SIMPLY CHARLY BOOK COVERScover_2-_Dali-903x1024 SIMPLY CHARLY BOOK COVERS

Whoever said “Don’t judge a book by its cover” wasn’t living in the 21st Century! In the information age, it’s all about WOW and NOW. That’s why chose Bolder Design to create a line of illuminating, illustration-based book covers

for their series on some of history’s most revered figures. Using compelling caricatures crafted by illustrators like Valdymyr Lukash, Jose Ramos and Alex Aguilar, Bolder Design scored big with a humorous and heartfelt design

scheme that grabs readers from the very first glance.