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BolderAvatar “BOLDER DESIGN” HAS A NEW LOOKNew York-based web design agency Bolder Design has announced the re-launch of their official website. Based in the heart of New York City, Bolder Design boasts an experienced team of professional designers, illustrators and programmers ready to tackle any design challenge. The group offers a variety of different services ranging from copywriting to logo design to website development, and promises to bring a wide range of talents to perform whatever task the client needs fulfilled.

Founded five years ago, the Bolder Design team has recently re-launched its website at www.bolderdesigngroup.com, featuring an entirely new layout that’s easier to navigate and shows off the team’s editing skills. Examples of Bolder Design’s past projects can be found on their homepage; the team has provided graphic design services for such artists as Ennio Morricone and Jon Regen, along with designing websites for Simply Charly and In Touch Entertainment.

Headed by Charles Carlini, Bolder Design also consists of illustrator Jose Ramos, web designer Eddie Olivas and a crack programming team led by Audrius Rackauskas, among others. The team prides itself on staying up-to-date on new technologies and web trends, promising potential clients a reliable and innovative web design experience. The group’s name derives from their mission statement: to provide a bold approach towards online graphic design.

“We know that when it comes to graphic design, you’ve got a lot of choices,” says group founder Charles Carlini. “That’s why Bolder Design is committed to outdoing the competition and providing a higher standard of web design you won’t find anywhere else.”

The Bolder Design team is currently open for business, and stands ready to serve their clients’ web design needs.